Wombat Bottoms
Laguna, NSW
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Our small farm, Wombat Bottoms, is near Laguna in the beautiful Wollombi Valley. We grow an unusual citrus, Yango Gold Poormans Oranges, and a variety of other citrus and produce which we sell principally to high end restaurants in Sydney and more widely. We produce marmalades and cordial from our fruit. Poormans Oranges are probably a cross between a tangerine and a pomelo which came to Australia in the nineteenth century. They were used as a root stock leading to a number of variants. The parent tree for our fruit was growing in a backyard in Turramurra, in the northern suburbs of Sydney, and it turns out to be a very tasty version. It is very juicy and has a flavour profile that starts with mandarin/tangerine/orange and a touch of tropical fruit and finishes with a distinct clean lingering grapefruit tang, leaving the mouth fresh and watering. There is plenty of sugar in the ripe fruit but acid to balance it. It also has plenty of pectin and the peel is delicious, making it an ideal fruit for marmalade - arguably the best marmalade fruit there is. The flavour profile and acid balance also makes it ideal as a refreshing cordial which works well in cold drinks and as a hot nightcap (with or without a nip of your favourite alcoholic beverage). Restaurant Noma, which has been rated number one in the world, used 50 bottles of our cordial in their pop-up restaurant in Sydney in 2016.

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