Large honey tub from Two Busy Bees Honey
Two Busy Bees Honey team working in the Apiary
Two Busy Bees Honey team harvesting honey
Two Busy Bees Honey
Geebung, QLD
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We are a father and daughter small scale team of organic minded apiculturists and specialty food makers. Creating artisanal cold filtered pure raw honey based gourmet spreads and dressings with only the most natural of ingredients. As bee keepers and food producers we cultivate a multi - floral raw honey, educating people on the divine taste of a cold - filtered honey produced by bees with varied and multiple pollen and nectar sources. We are based in sunny sub tropical Geebung in Queensland, Australia. We have nearly one hundred beehives that are surrounded by large established native trees, beautiful wildflowers and lovely garden flowers and the bees work all this to produce a wonderfully unique honey with a real depth of flavour. We care and are committed to looking after our hives, collecting the honey, spinning it straight off, cold-filtering it and straight into easy to use food grade plastic or recyclable glass jars.

Delicious, raw, unheated, untreated and unprocessed. Just as honey should be and bottled fresh from the bee hives! 'Two Busy Bees' raw honey contains all the natural pollens, raw goodness and nectar as nature intended. Beekeeping sourced with care and commitment - honey products, made with love for a little sunshine in your day. To compliment our delicious hand crafted honey products we also have recently expanded our honey range to include gourmet food products such as, honey marinades, dijon honey mustard dressing, harissa honey hot sauce, fresh honeycomb, creamed honey, honey nut butters and pure beeswax candles.

We aim to provide for you the very best handcrafted honey and delicious gourmet food products. We package our products very carefully to ensure that they arrive to you for you to enjoy straight away. If due to unforeseen circumstances and your order arrives damaged please contact me and we will arrange for a new order or refund to be issued to you.

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