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  • 2.0 Litres of Biochar for use in pots or garden soil. Can be used with 20 Litres of soil or compost.


    (1) Holds moisture - acts like a sponge holding water ready for plants to access.
    (2) Holds nutrients - ready for plants to access.
    (3) Adds structure to soil - builds up sandy soil & helps breakup heavy clay soil.
    (4) High carbon - adds carbon to soil.

    Triple R Biochar product is made from sustainably sourced plant material, in a carefully controlled temperature environment, modern slow pyrolysis machine, to ensure a consistent product.

    We are an fully Australian owned and operated business.

    Safety precautions are the same needed when handling potting mix. When applying please use gloves to prevent soiling of hands and to protect your skin from possible irritation. While the product tends to be damp and unlikely to be dusty, always use in a well ventilated area(like any dusty material it may cause irritation to sensitive individuals) and a dust mask can be worn. Add water if needed. Apply close to ground/pot to prevent making any dust. Please do not ingest(medical grade charcoal available from pharmacies) and wash your hands after use.

  • Ingredients: Biochar

2 Litres Premium Organic Biochar - Natural Soil Improver 2 L

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