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  • [2018 harvest]

    The Mathews family grow organic olives on their historic NASAA certified organic grove in the Grampians. Olives are picked at optimum ripeness and cold pressed by us immediately on farm. The result is a Tuscan style complex fruity olive oil with perfect balance and harmony.

    We do not filter our oil, it is settled naturally in our stainless steel tanks then hand bottled.

    The main varieties that create the unique smooth, creamy taste of our oil include the low-yielding verdale, bouquettier and mission. At 70 year old our grove is one of the oldest in Australia and we are a dryland grove meaning our trees are 100% reliant on natural rainfall. This has forced them put down deep root systems to ensure their survival. Because of these factors our grove produces a relatively small amount of oil (low yielding) but the quality is superb and the fruity flavours complex and divine.

    Free fatty acidity is exceptionally low at ≤0.2%.
  • Ingredients: Australian organic extra virgin olive oil
  • Certified Organic, VFMA

Signature organic extra virgin olive oil 500 ml

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