Tellus Ceres Farm
Keerrong, NSW
Tellus Ceres Farm is a haven for native wildlife, rescue animals and very yummy food. All the produce grown at Tellus Ceres Farm is lovingly cultivated and nurtured by hand - chemical free. The farm is in Organic Transition, and whilst this means intensive labour, it also guarantees that the produce provides the best taste and health benefits. Here at the farm I have four different varieties of Garlic under cultivation. These include Italian Red; Southern Glen; Glen Large & the massive Russian (which is in-fact more closely related to a leek). These varieties were chosen specifically to suit the Sub-Tropical climate of the Northern Rivers. Turmeric, with it's wonderful health promoting properties, four varieties of Chillies from the hottest to one with a lovely soft Lemony flavour and Lemon Grass are also grown on the farm.

Our Commitment -

At Tellus Ceres Farm all our food products are grown by hand, chemical free and only using Organic metheds.  Tellus Ceres Farm is currently undergoing transition to full Organic status.  

Our Oils and Salts are sourced locally and integrated with our own hand grown Tellus Ceres Farm herbs and spices.

Our fabric product range have all been hand made at the Farm to the highest standard.


Customer Service -

We strive to place our customers first with fast delivery of top quality products.


Returns Policy -

If products are damaged through the post, please email a photograph and return the product to receive a full refund.   

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