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  • Two Taster Turban - Master Jack (SILVER) and Pepperton (New Breeding Line)
    750gm of Award Winning Certified Organic Garlic

    Two superb Turban garlics with kitchen culinary prowess. Experience the difference in flavours and how each might best lend itself to different recipes and results.

    Master Jack is always voted best garlic flavour in the Garlic Shed Taste Tours and is a SILVER medal winner in the Australian Food Awards for its rich, deep, creamy nutty flavours. Perfect for garlic butter with no sulfurous harshness or aftertaste ... just sublime.

    Pepperton is a new breeding line, three years in the making, that has its first commercial release this year and will be expecting medals in its future. Lovely base creamy, nutty tones but with lovely peppery high notes and dash of heat to boot. Will be great with sophisticated dishes or any dish that benefits from spicy touch.

    1. Master Jack (SILVER 2016 RMFFA) Rich, deep, creamy, nutty
    2. Pepperton (new breeding line) Peppery, lively, nutty
  • Ingredients: Certified Organic Fresh Garlic Bulbs
  • Certified Organic, Non-GMO

Certified Organic Garlic - Two Taster Turban - Medal Winner 750gm 750 g

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