Springhaven Meadows
Givelda, QLD
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Springhaven Meadows (Your Harvest Garden) is a small family run, boutique producer of versatile, natural and fresh banana plant products direct from the farm to consumers. Our products are healthy, preservative free, better tasting and are all derived from the banana plant. Gavin a third generation banana farmer knows bananas.

Our product range includes fresh, Lady Finger and Cavendish bananas of all sizes, Regal Banana Flour and Little Monarch Banana Chews. Our farm is located 30kms south of Bundaberg, Queensland on rich red alluvial soil above the Burnett River. The farm's monitoring equipment and testing allows us farmers to see what is happening below the soil, but also within the leaf and products.

You can have confidence that there are no nasty chemicals in our products. Due to a sub-tropical climate we are blessed with a good balance between rainfall, temperature and humidity resulting in minimal pests and disease. This environment, combined with years of experience and a good monitoring system allows us to grow and create better tasting banana products with less waste.

Please contact us via Farmhouse Direct messaging with any issues or questions you may have. Should your concern relate to quality of fresh bananas please take a photo of the fruit and end panel of box immediately and send an email through to the support@farmhousedirect.com.au email address. These photo(s) will help us to understand what may have happened, and ensure that any concerns can be dealt with promptly. Any request for refund, or replacement must be received within 7 days of receipt of product and photos submitted. 

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