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Smoke and Roast
Eltham, VIC
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Smoke and Roast is distinctly Australian, and supports our culture of BBQs, Sunday Roasts, and the enjoyment of good wholesome food in general. Smoke and Roast was inspired by a love of good tasty food and an astute general knowledge of what will appeal to the public at large. It has been created from experimentation and continues to grow every day. Smoke and Roast is a distinctly Australian flavour, that all Aussies will love. There are no chemicals, gluten or MSG in Smoke and Roast, rather it is predominantly natural Australian sea salt that has been carefully hand blended with a range of herbs and spices. Use it instead of salt and pepper, to transform an everyday meal into a gourmet feast that will tantalise your taste buds. Just added to our range are Smoke and Peri, which has all the fantastic ingredients of Smoke and Roast with a gorgeous peri peri twist (for those who love a bit more spice and heat in their cooking), and Smoke and Curry. The colour is sensational. The taste is even better. Use this in white sauce dishes, and as a secret ingredient to lift all your favourite recipes.

When purchasing Smoke and Roast for the first time, most customers choose Smoke and Roast pot varieties.

From then on, you may wish to refill your keepsake pots with either a mixed refill pack, which supplies you with 2 of the Smoke and Roast flavour and one each of the peri and curry flavour (100gm bags).

If you wish to make your purchase of Smoke and Roast more cost effective, please consider the 2kg bucket varieties.

Smoke and Roast and its varieties are available all year round and we try our best to despatch your order within 24 hours.

Smoke and Roast Pot varieties make a fantastic affordable gift for any foodie, or even just someone who has everything. Please consider Smoke and Roast for your next unique gift purchase that anyone is sure to love and appreciate . 

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