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  • 2 of Saskia Beer's Free Range Pheasants PLUS complimentary Pork Pie twin pack and Pickled Onion Relish

    Recipe cards included:
    • Grape Harvesters Roast Barossa Pheasant
    • Saskia Beer Corn Fed Turkey
    • Quick cook Barossa Turkey
    • Saskia Beer Roast Pheasant Salad
    • Saskias Roast Goose
    • Pheasant Terrine

    About Saskia Beer & Game Birds.

    Saskia Beer has been growing game birds for over 22 years, tailoring a 100% vegetarian corn based diet to achieve the best tasting game birds in the country.

    Saskia’s geese are grown to 20 weeks in a completely free range environment, with total run of the farm!

    The breeds we use are Embden, Toulouse, Pligrims and Sebastapols.

    Saskia’s geese “With Geese I have found the best thing to do is leave them to their own devices – so that is exactly what we do. They mate naturally and lay their eggs in specially designed huts, with both Mum and Dad taking turns in sitting on the eggs.

    Once the goslings are hatched and have become mature enough they are moved into another section
    away from the breeders where they roam at will around hundreds of acres. Saskia’s geese are very literally the “Guard Geese” of the property – making sure that no predators threaten them or the other game birds on the property.

    Saskia’s corn diet is rich in energy – so that even though these birds have a very active life they still have a beautiful fat layer, making them a wonderful, tasty, roasting bird. Saskia’s diet is supplemented with salt bush from the property, which gives a beautiful depth of flavour, as well as providing hours of
    entertainment for the young geese.

    Our geese dress out at 3-6kg each, and will feed 8-16 people depending on size.
  • Ingredients: 2 of Saskia Beer's Pheasants PLUS complimentary Pork Pie twin pack and Pickled Onion Relish

Pheasant Pack

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