Winemaker, Scott Heidrich tasting a ferment
Wine coming out of the ferment sampler
A case of Rusty Mutt wine
A bottle of Rusty Mutt Wine in the vineyard
Rusty Mutt Wines
Clapham, SA
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Rusty Mutt is a small batch wine brand from the beautiful McLaren Vale region in South Australia. Wine not made to a recipe but closely monitored at each stage, guiding it towards its full potential. Every decision from the vineyard and yeast strain through to oak selection and final blending has been carefully considered. Every wine should have a personality that reflects itself and that of the winemaker. The choices in style and direction during the process are almost limitless, so personality plays an enormous role in the way the finished wine looks in the bottle. Owner and Winemaker Scott Heidrich was born in the year of the Metal Dog according to Chinese astrology. The Metal Dog quickly became Rusty Mutt and the unique personality traits of Winemaker Scott Heidrich describe the wines we make.

Rusty Mutt is committed to bringing you high-quality McLaren Vale wine delivered in a timely manner and in good condition.

We fully abide by Australian consumer law regarding returns and faulty goods. If bottles are found to be faulty or damaged, we will replace them. We cannot, however, replace the wine if you simply don't like it. Reviews, awards and scores can provide information and confidence to help you make your decision, however, please remember that these are very subjective and what a reviewer tastes in a wine may not necessarily be what you taste.

My wine has been bottled professionally using the latest bottling equipment to a high standard, and the use of screw caps ensures the wine that went into each bottle is how I intended it to taste and will not suffer from any taint or oxidation (unless physical damage to the screw cap occurs).

If you are unhappy in any way with your purchase, please let me know. I will always do my utmost to ensure a positive outcome because as you know, "The customer is always right"

Rusty Mutt Wines sells wine under the South Australian Liquor License Dog Day Wines Pty Ltd, direct sales license number 51404469.

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