Rub a Dub
Springmount, VIC
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You are what you RUB on your skin so don't be fast, cheap easy or fake!

We use food based & quality herbal ingredients in our products based around an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil hand picked 10 minutes from RubaDub HQ.


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From The Earth To Your Skin - Rub a Dub brings you skincare products that are lovingly hand made from local and organic ingredients as well as home grown from our own farm.

We believe that your skin absorbs and eats just like you would eat food, so if you can t eat it then don t place it on your skin. Our ingredients are Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Easternhill Organic Farm Karoocheang, home grown Calendula and Chamomile from our farm at Springmount, Manuka Honey from pureness of Tasmania, Beeswax, Castor oil from the castor seed, mandarin and in the soaps we have a baby and gardening range all made from beeswax, olive oil, calendula, chamomile and castor oil. Our soaps are lovingly hand made and take months to cure, hence it s purity. Heal, protect and moisturise safely with Rub a Dub.

Our products are also great for the environment, by not placing nasty chemicals in your grey water systems so placing goodness back into our earth.

Our packaging is re-usable for storing all sorts of things.

HAPPY CUSTOMERS............. "I recently bought a tin of Balm from you at the Daylesford Sustainable day and have almost run out. I am finding whilst the balm has not completely eradicated that crusty skin from head and hand, it has certainly improved the situation ten fold. I need to purchase some more! " Neil - Geelong Vic "I was fortunate enough to accompany my best friend on a road trip last Sunday, to pick up a Pony! Wow!! So meant to be!! I have been dealing with Dematitis all my life, and up until now, have always used cortisone. Recently, my right hand has been out of control... Weeping, itchy, seething, split, red, raw...unable to do anything. My friend mentioned this to Nat whilst we were there! I unwillingly showed Nat my hand (embarrassed) lol! Nat suggested to try her home made all natural balm, which I did. Instant relief....have been using it for the past week and cannot believe the difference! It's incredible....I have even ordered some balm for my mum! Thank you so much Nat xxxx" Angela - Lancefield Vic "My mum spends a bit of time at a weekender near Apollo Bay. One of her neighbors purchased a small tub of the Gardening Balm for mum. It is divine! Especially on a bitterly cold windy day when the skin on my hands are so raw and cracked. It's so lovely to find something a little bit special that's not mass produced...! " Sandra - Seaford Vic "Brilliant soaps and creams from the lovely Nats. I highly recommend the baby soap as does not cause irritation to my dermatitis. First soap in about 10-15 years that I can actually use" Michelle - Daylesford Vic

At Rub a Dub we like to keep things simple like our ingredients.

If your not happy with our product we are happy to return your hard earned cash. 

One condition is we need the product returned to us at the purchasers expense with a letter as to why you are not happy so we can endeavour to improve.

The colour of products will vary due to seasonal changes affecting our ingredients due to these being from the earth as mother nature intended.

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