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  • GOLD medal winner at the Australian Food Awards 2016
    100% pure Davidsons Plum fruit (Davidsonia pruriens)
    Local, sustainably grown Davidsons plums, high in
    antioxidants and micro nutrients.

    Dried slowly at a low temperature to ensure that
    all the goodness of these wild fruits are retained.

    Sulphur and preservative free.

    Davidson’s Plum contains high levels of anthocyanins, natural pigments that are strong antioxidants.
    It also contains lutein, vitamin E and folate, Zn, Mg, Ca and Mo. A high potassium:sodium (K:Na) ratio was also identified.The full report on the health benefits of native fruits (which is the source of this information) is available free as a pdf from the RIRDC website

    Use to make a healthy refreshing iced or hot tea!
    Sprinkle over yogurt or ice cream!
    Add to your baking for a delicious 'tang'

  • Ingredients: Dried Davidsons Plum

100% pure Davidsons Plum Fruit POWDER 20 g

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