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  • Rich in nutrients, high in healthy fats and awesome in flavour - we have combined raw, organic Cacao with our delicious Natural Macadamia kernels and added a little Coconut Nectar to make this amazing breakfast spread. Raw Cacao is said to retain more nutrients than traditionally heat/ solvent-extracted Cocoa. It is high in Magnesium and very high in anti-oxidents - a perfect compliment to our creamy macadamia kernels. Coconut Nectar is a low GI and high nutrient sweetener from the sap of Coconut Palm flowers. We like our Mac-Cao straight off the spoon, but try Mac-Cao on thin, crispy toast or crackers, or use in smoothies or desserts. For a savoury dish, add our Mac-Cao to Macadamia Oil, Chilli, a little Garlic and fresh-chopped Coriander leaves and toss through roasted potato wedges - quick, tasty and nutritious.
  • Ingredients: Natural Macadamia Kernels, Organic Coconut Nectar, Organic Raw Cacao

MAC-CAO 170g 170 g

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