Rainforest Foods
Byron Bay, NSW
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We started planting our orchard around 1996, looking at native rainforest fruits as a crop after having spent some time in Central America with biologists and botanists, then coming back home and looking to find what our own back yard had in its original plant community - in our case sub-tropical Rainforest. Our food philosophy is really about getting more awareness of biodiversity loss by highlighting the food-value of some of our native species which have been threatened with extinction, and of course making great quality products.

Everyone understands the value of food, it s a simple place we interact with our environment: we all eat from nature. By our customers coming to know some of the native plants from our local indigenous vegetation through our breakfast jam, nut spreads and sauces we hope to connect more and more people to the ecology around them. On our farm we grow Small Leaf Tamarind, Finger Lime, Davidson s Plum, Lemon Aspen and other Achronichia species, Native Mint, Anise Myrtle, Lemon Myrtle, Cinnamon Myrtle, Atherton Almonds and Macadamia Nuts and a variety of other edible native plants. All our crops are native rainforest species, which work in well with our soils and the ecosystems which they originally came from.

We are also very fortunate to have a large remnant of sub-tropical rainforest on our farm, which we have expanded and connected along the creek lines with new plantings carefully sourced from local seedand mostly raised in our on-farm nursery. These plantings are 15-20 years old now, and new seedlings have been regenerating in their canopy as birds and other animals bring seed into and out of the remnant - it really is an inspiring sight. We have been donating regularly to Rainforest Rescue funded through the sales of our Davidson s Plum Jam for many years. Rainforest Rescue has bought back strategic blocks of land in the Daintree region (North QLD) in order to protect corridors of intact rainforest vegetation from development - it has a long term focus as well as a practical on-the-ground methodology which we really like. Whilst we are not certified organic, most of our farming methods are organic. We use beneficial insects to control pest insects and make around 500 tonnes of compost on-farm each year for the orchard. Every harvest we also test our kernels for any chemicals and they have always passed the tests with no residues.

Rainforest Foods will make every endeavour to post goods within 24-48 hours of receiving the order unless we are out of stock in which case you will be notified by email as to the estimated date of shipping. Delivery times may vary from state to state. Please allow 3-7 days for delivery. We shp from our factory in regional NSW so this can take a little longer than normal. 



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