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Daylesford, VIC
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Beetroot has rid me of high blood pressure so I decided to create something with this wonder food. The more I learned about the health benefits of beetroot, the more determined I became to develop a product that would appeal to the general public so more people could benefit from it. After a year or so of experimenting, Pink Muesli was born. I introduced it at farmers markets in early 2015 and the business has grown since then purely by word-of-mouth. In July 2016 I was awarded a silver medal by the Australian Food Awards, then in 2017 another silver medal and in 2019 a gold!! How thrilling for a tiny business like mine--validation as a high quality product! Then in 2020 Pink Muesli was awarded "Best Organic Muesli" by prestigious UK-based Lux Life Magazine!

At the end of the day. I get more validation from my return customers. I currently have seven varieties.It's the only vegetable muesli in the country, and the only beetroot-based one in the world!! I hope to reach other states and spread the goodness of Pink Muesli throughout Australia.

Our Commitment: To provide premium quality nutritious artisanal beetroot mueslis with distinctive one-of-a-kind flavour combos.

Customer Service: We strive to respond within a few hours and deliver within 24 hours.

Returns Policy: In the unlikely event that the product is no longer fresh kindly notify us within 7 days of receipt and it will be replaced free-of-charge.

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