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  • Pepe Saya cultured butter starts its journey from the farm gate, the cream is separated from the milk and lactic culture is inoculated into the cream. It is then allowed to ferment and sour over a two-week period. The culture converts lactose into lactic acid which produces additional aroma compounds (such as diacetyl) which causes the extremely buttery scent and flavour that uncultured butter does not normally possess. The sour cream is then churned until the butter is formed, which is then kneaded and hand-worked to remove water and achieve the perfect consistency that cultured butter is known for.
  • Ingredients: Cream (from pasteurised cows milk) & culture.
    3 month shelf life

Pepe Saya Unsalted Cultured Butter 225 g

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The Pepe Saya products are packed in Styro on Ice packs top and bottom.
Pepe Saya only delivered to locations with Australia post next day delivery express post zones.