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  • Pepe Saya's 2kg wheel of Salted Cultured Butter is the perfect table centerpiece, the butter is hand pressed into a round mold and then dressed with paper and string. Perfect for baking and freezing.
    6 weeks Refrigerated shelf life

    Please note: the Picture is of 3 X 2kg wheels on top of each other.
  • Ingredients: Cream (from pasteurised cows milk), Culture & Olsson's Sea Salt.

    Pepe Saya’s cultured butter contains 1.5% salt. Two types of Australian salts are used in our butter, applied in two stages; 0.75% Olsson’s kiln dried fine salt from Eyre Peninsula (Dairy Salt) is added after churning before the butter is worked.

Pepe Saya 2kg Wheel in String & Paper 2 kg

$45.00 + $20.00 Stall wide Shipping
  • Minimum order of $20.00 (excluding shipping)

Delivery and Order Information

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When do you deliver:
We deliver through Australia Post once a week, all orders are dispatched on Tuesdays ONLY in the afternoon our local post office and delivered Wednesday, Thursday and Friday via Australia Post Express Post next day delivery.

All orders must be in by Sunday 11:59pm to be included in the weeks dispatch.

Pepe Saya only delivers to locations with Australia post next day delivery express post zones, please check Australia Post website for more information if you need more clarification about your post code.
Returns and General Order considerations:
The Pepe Saya products are packed in Styro on Ice packs top and bottom.
Pepe Saya only delivered to locations with Australia post next day delivery express post zones.