Kalkee, VIC
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Peter Blair of PBSeeds has mastered the art of growing lentils and chickpeas on his Wimmera farm since the mid 1980s. Peter's long term passion for lentils is evident through his work sharing wisdom with farmers around Australia from the early 90s. He also pioneered specialty lentil farming 15 years ago; growing the first french green puy style lentils, spanish brown and black lentils in Australia. All Peter's seeds are grown in the deep fertile self-mulching soils of the plains surrounding the Grampians. The crops are naturally rainfed and grown in rotation in a sustainable farm system, resulting in produce with a low water and carbon footprint. Our long warm spring days produce fine quality grains which Peter harvests and cleans with great care. PBSeeds guarantee single origin harvest produce fresh from the farm each season.

PBSeeds are proud to produce fine quality grains fresh from the farm each season for you to enjoy.  Lentil and chickpea seeds are a pure food created by nature which mature inside little seed pods on each plant.  We simply clean the grains from the pods at harvest to a premium standard ready for you to cook with.  In the unfortunate event that you find a fault in our produce, please contact us within 14 days of receiving goods to establish if a replacement or refund may apply.  Please provide us with details of fault including product name, harvest year and best before date, date of order, order number, total contents of order and your contact information.

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