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  • This is our very popular EARLY season Garlic - available from November. Your bulbs will store perfectly into Autumn.

    This premium fragrant hard neck certified biodymanic variety has been grown on Elmswood since 2006. It’s more than just hot.

    The Bulbs are impressively large.

    Storage: Garlic doesn’t like the damp. So keep it in a dry, well ventilated place. If you live in the tropics, the fridge may be best.

    Eating: Garlic is a once-a-year summer crop. This premium variety is at its peak during November – April. Green shoots - which are safe to eat -indicate the cloves are ready to be planted for another life cycle.

    Planting: Break off cloves, plant in rich soil just below in the
    ground, pointy end up. Keep well watered and weed free.

    Depending on the season, this early variety is usually available from November till March.

    Elmswood Farm is 3500 hectares of Certified Biodynamic prime agricultural land in the Upper Hunter Valley of New South Wales in Australia. It embraces the tiny town of Gundy and rises from river flats to a mountain top sometimes dusted with snow.
  • Ingredients: Australian Certified Biodynamic Garlic
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Purple Glamour Garlic 1 kg

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