Full frame of raw honey
Fully dressed to inspect
Close up
Golden jar of Malle Honey
Bees building waxcomb the way they like
Flowhive frame filling up
Onehive Honey
Kendenup, WA
Located north of Mt Barker, WA, we have a handful of beehives mainly using Australia s own patented Flowhive® system. A new system where the honey virtually flows from hive to jar, making it akin to cold pressed honey, without the pressing. The honeycomb comes from a hybrid style beehive that also allows us to harvest raw honeycomb.
Being a very small producer, we sell what we don't use making this a very sporadic and unique product . Please be patient. The honey is harvested in a gentle manner leaving all the wax behind for the bees to reuse.
Honey is poured through a double strainer and then into jars using only gravity.  Its that simple.
We don't use heat knifes to uncap either. Only cold scrapers.

The handful of hives rarely get moved and are in a 70km radius. This allows us to keep a close eye on them and reduce our carbon footprint.
Our property is off  grid using only Solar energy and batteries. Plants are continually planted to keep the bees in food as long as possible. We leave them enough honey stores for the winter and never need to feed them.

At home our bees have access to 180 acres of Jarrah, Whitegum, Marri, Spotted Gum, as well as the many planted fruit trees, bushes and weeds.
The bees feed on what they want.

The jars are square glass making them easy to display. 
Please reuse them.
Because we're flexible please feel free to leave a note/message, if you'd like to mix and match different honeys.  If we have the numbers will sort that out.

All of our honey is priced the same, and a mix will not incur any extra charges.

Kinda like a taste test.

Unfortunately we don't ship overseas,  unless you can arrange  that,

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