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We take pride in making sure that our olives have a ‘natural’ olive taste and texture, unlike supermarket olives. This is mainly down to pickling techniques. On the day of harvesting they are washed, leaves and stalks removed and then placed in a 10% brine pickling solution. This natural ‘Sicilian method’ of pickling means they are in brine for 12 months or more before being ready for bottling. The green ripe olives turn a lovely khaki colour and are wonderful to eat. Our black (fully ripe) olives have a different texture and flavour and as well as snacking they are perfect for cooking with as removing the pit is easily done by just squeezing them with your fingers.

Olive’s Olives was established in 2008 and is a family run, 300-tree grove in the heart of the Macedon Ranges just north of Kyneton in Victoria. We also manage several other olive groves in the same region which gives us access to specialty table olives, multi purpose oil and table olives. This also enables us to keep some olives on trees past the green ripe stage to let them ripen further through to black ripe.

Our grove is in a rich volcanic plain and the region’s Mediterranean cold winters and hot summers provide an ideal olive growing environment. We are on a wonderful journey of continuous education about this remarkable tree and the olives it bears. The grove has recovered from a grass fire in January 2015. More education! With no agricultural experience at all, but lots of passion, we have gradually learned how to nurture and tend these magnificent trees. From where we started in 2008 we are now much more knowledgeable about them and have the natural pickling method of table olive production. We will always be learning!

Our grove has several varietals of table olive trees including Volos, Nab Tamri, Kalamata, Manzanillo, Picual, Azapa, Barouni, Hojiblanco, Coratina and Californian Queen. Our still young trees produced 200kgs of fruit in 2017, double the previous year. In 2018 we produced 3 tonnes and it is pretty much growing year on year. Tree maturity is clearly one of the critical factors in harvest quantities.

We are proud to sell our green and black Table Olives and Pure Olive Paste produce directly to the local community through Farmers Markets, farm gate, provedores, restaurants, accommodation businesses and vineyard cellar doors in the Macedon Ranges. We also run seminars, for those people with one or more trees in their backyard, about proper olive tree care and home pickling methods that actually work.

Harvesting in April/May is predominantly done by hand with some assistance from hand and mechanical rakes on larger trees as needed. Each tree’s harvest is weighed so that we can monitor how the individual trees are performing each season. Tree shakers (used for olives grown for oil) are not used. This ensures our table olives are not bruised.

Pruning a mixture of art and science, is done to maximise sunlight and air circulation getting to the olive bearing branches. That’s the science. Trying to foresee how the tree will grow its branches and produce olives over the next one, two and three years is the art and difficult for the untrained eye! In 2016 we were fortunate to stay in an Italian olive grove in the heart of Tuscany where Rob got ‘hands on’ tuition from an Italian pruning master.
Postage is at your cost and we will pack your olives securely in Aust Post boxes. We are assured by Aust Post that they will get to you in good condition. If you have any problems with postage, in how they arrive, please contact us so we can take it up with Aust Post. We supply in good faith to our customers. If you have a problem with any of our products please contact us so that we can discuss if a product replacement or refund is the best option for you.

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