Lard Ass Cultured Butter
Lard Ass Butter
Ocean Grove, VIC
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Lard Ass is about bringing a smile to your face when it comes to eating great tasting dairy products. Born out of a passion for dairy, Lard Ass is created by a dairy farmer's daughter who grew up in western Victoria surrounded by fresh, green grass and happy cows. The yearning for the way butter should taste, Lard Ass produces some of Victoria's great tasting butter. Our cultured butter is made on a small scale so that flavour is paramount and ingredients are quality. Big on taste thanks to ripening cream from grass-fed cows, once you try cultured butter you won’t go back to ordinary butter. Our butter is made from single batch churned cream after ripening with several lactic cultures long enough to bring out flavour, then kneaded and hand wrapped.
Best way to eat Lard Ass? Use it instead of your everyday butter and take your dishes to a new level of flavour and taste. Great for baking too!

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