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  • Summer is here(soon be Christmas!) - so much is happening around the farm! Good news is our signature Italian Purple variety of garlic is ready for you! Our Christmas braids are available now for limited time!

    Get in quick! Limited release online.... Be warned - best yummiest tasting garlic - once you have had ours you will not want any others!!!! This variety is best before April 2018 when stored correctly. Don't forget to store your garlic in a cool, dry spot away from direct sunlight and heat.

    Garlic, garlic and more garlic - our signature garlic. Strong garlic flavour - Italian Purple variety - Royal Melbourne Show Fine Food Awards winning SILVER.
    Note: there is only a limited release of this variety due to seasonal conditions.

    Fresh new season 2017 harvest garlic bulbs ready now. Our garlic is hand harvested and is a once-a-year crop. It is an attractive purple striped hard-necked variety with a very full flavour. It is about mid-strength in terms of heat but full-strength in terms of taste. It's depth and length of flavour can be truly appreciated when crushed and eaten raw with olive oil on toast or fresh bread as it spreads right across the palette with lingering sweet flavours.

    We have been growing this variety for 10 years now, selecting for the best flavour and saving our own 'seed' so that it is taking on it's own unique characteristics.

    We grow all our garlic using permaculture principles, meaning it is grown slowly and naturally without artificial means. As a result it has a full measure of all the health properties of the very best garlic.

    The only shortfall of our Italian Purple variety is its relatively short shelf-life. It is best used before April, when the cloves will start to develop short green shoots. Don't think you'll eat it all? You can freeze the extra in late March to have on hand throughout the winter for all your cooking!
  • Ingredients: 100% Australian garlic
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Italian Purple garlic 1 kg

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