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Katamatite Garlic
Katamatite, VIC
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Summer update: New Season garlic is ready. At this stage, after a year of drought and continued effects of climate change, we have sorted our garlic cultivars and we have 2 early ones available for sale online. More of the later varieties to follow mid Jan 2020.
Being a boutique grower means we are small enough to be able to monitor our crop and hand select the best garlic for you! We can guarantee superior quality for taste, longevity and maximum health benefits. All our processes on the farm are done by hand and without use of chemicals - guaranteed organic. Want to know more about health benefits of garlic and whipping up culinary delights? Contact us today! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all our latest news.


ABOUT US Katamatite Garlic is a small family farm in northern Victoria, Australia. It is all about living a sustainable, natural life. It is difficult to live a truly self-sufficient life as an isolated family in a society that is only now starting to remember the need for close-knit self reliant communities. Our core beliefs are based on Earth Care, People Care and sharing the excess. We aim to provide high-quality fresh produce that is affordable to local people and will not cost us the Earth. To pursue our goal of a truly sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle and to encourage our local communities to do the same, we grow a modest crop of high-quality, fresh natural garlic for sale each year. Our garlic is grown within our permaculture-designed mandala gardens. Each bulb is hand planted, harvested, cleaned and prepared without the use of chemicals and heavy machinery. It is ideal for people who enjoy quality food, are conscious of their health and the health of the environment.

Our Commitment is to provide high quality products in a timely manner. We value your feedback and always love to hear how you use your garlic!

Returns Policy - WA will assess any returns and refunds in conjunction with you - case by case. Any products returned is at the customers cost. We will endeavour to package products with care and attention.

Quarantine restrictions for fresh garlic - We cannot send to Tasmania, Western Australia or overseas.

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