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  • 1kg of Turban family, hardneck garlic grown with organic principles in North East Victoria.

    Free Postage.

    How it looks:
    Very large heads of approximately 50-75mm accross, each weighing 70-100grams. Inside each corm (aka 'head') you'll find about 8-12 plump cloves, these are such a pleasure to use and so easy to prepare being so large, and with a skin that just peels of like a breeze!

    How it Cooks:
    They posses a pungent spicy flavour somewhere in the middle of garlic land - moderate enough to make a great addition finely chopped or minced to a salad dressing, yet robust enough to provide plenty of flavor for the pot and fry pan.

    A great tasting, large and easy to peel garlic grown without chemicals, by hand using natural methods which tend to the soil and the earth. Not only good for you, but good for the land too.

    How it Came to Be:
    Being a small local vegetable farm (run more as a passion for sustainability, than a 'business') selling my seasonal produce only to locals, organic certification is superfluous to my needs. Rest assured I farm with staunch principles of 'people care, earth care and fair share'. It does not take a certification body keeping watch over to make me completely reject modern farming methods - including chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. As such you will find my garlic grown with local pure organic animal manure (certified organic, for what it's worth), in soil whose biology is preserved by avoiding the use of machinery for tilling and cultivation, regular feeding with worm tea and restoration by use of green manure cover crops and crop rotation.

    Unencumbered by the costs of certification (nor expensive infrastructure, machinery or high input costs), I can provide a truly wholesome organically grown product for a very reasonable price.
  • Ingredients: Garlic
  • Halal, Kosher, Non-GMO, VFMA
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Purple Hardneck Garlic - Free Shipping 1 kg

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I ship deliveries three times a week.

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Limit of one kilogram per customer at the discounted price.

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