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  • Gift Pack #1 provides a full date experience and showcases the different uses of dates in both sweet and savoury products. A delicious gift pack to share with a loved one or to hide away for yourself! Gift Pack #1 includes:

    - Organic Dried Date Halves (100g)Organic whole Medjool (150g) or Barhee pieces or other variety whole dates (150g) - depending on seasonal availability
    - Organic Date Jam (340g)
    - Spicy Date & Ginger Chutney (140g)

    Gurra Downs is a fully certified organic property in South Australia's Riverland. Gurra Downs grows dates, wine grapes, figs, pomegranates and date palms for sale.


    Gurra Downs Organic Dried Date Halves are organically grown in the Riverland of South Australia at the Gurra Downs family farm. Great for snacking on with a chewy texture and nutty caramel flavour. Awesome on a cheese platter.

    Gurra Downs Date Jam is made from organic Medjool Dates grown in the Riverland of South Australia. This product has a unique buttery date flavour.

    Gurra Downs Spicy Date & Ginger Chutney is made from organic Dates grown in the Riverland of South Australia. This product has flavours of Dates and Ginger which compliment one another. Excellent with meat and cheese.
  • Ingredients: Organic Dried Date Halves/Barhee pieces:
    Organic Medjool or Barhee Dates (please note these are a dried product - they are not whole, moist dates and do not contain a pit)
    Whole Medjool or other variety dates - these do contain a pit

    Organic Date Jam:
    Organic Medjool Dates
    Organic Raw Sugar

    Spicy Date & Ginger Chutney:
    Organic Dates
  • Certified Organic, Dairy Free, Low Sodium, No artificial colours or flavours, Non-GMO, Preservative Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Date Jam & Chutney Gift Pack 3 pieces

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