Gurra Downs
Loxton, SA
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Gurra Downs has fully certified organic and non-organic properties near Berri in the Riverland of South Australia - owned and operated by the Reilly family.

Gurra Downs grows 50 different varieties of date palms, many of which are not grown anywhere else in Australia. These palms are now coming into fruit production and the Reilly's are excited to be able to offer a unique selection of tastes, colours and textures from these different varieties of dates.

The family farm also grows wine grapes, figs, pomegranates, and runs a date palm nursery, supplying planting material to other growers and gardeners around Australia.

A flock of Harlequin Mini sheep and an even larger flock of poultry consisting of geese, turkeys and guinea fowl protected by maremma dogs round out the weed control squadron on the organic property.

The Reilly's are passionate about keeping their soils and trees healthy to produce healthy food to help their customers stay healthy and happy. Share the journey with us!!!

We are committed to providing best quality products that meet our customers satisfaction.  If you have any problem with our product or service please contact us directly via Farmhouse messenger so we can work on solving it together.

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