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  • 24 x 330ml Non Alcoholic Apple Cider
    Blue Datto Supporters ordering from this site be assured we will send $10 from each case purchased to support your young driver education programs. Driver safety is most important to us and we are proud to support this initiative.
    Best served chilled. Can be served over ice with a twist of your favourite garnish fruits! We love adding a slice of fresh lime and or mint to the glass. It also makes a great 'Apple lime and bitters'. You just add Agnostura Bitters and a slice of fresh lime to your glass, fill with Little Blue and you will be amazed at the result! Stunning.
    Fresh is best.
    This Non Alcoholic apple cider is made from our apples grown on our 4th generation family farm. Lots of people are loving our alcoholic cider but have asked us to create a non alcoholic cider. So here it is folks! We are confident you'll enjoy it just as much as we are.
    We have named it after our next legendary guardian growing up on the farm, "Little Blue". She's got just the right amount of sweetness but 'All Bark and No Bite'.
    Our apples are hand picked and freshly crushed to make this 100% Australian Non Alcoholic cider.

  • Ingredients: 100% Fresh crushed (Darkes Forest, NSW Grown) apple juice
    Gluten Free
    Sulphites added
  • Gluten Free
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Darkes Cider Little Blue 24 Pack 24 x 330 ml

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