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  • Organically Grown and Certified. This is our early season variety. A hard neck variety its bulbs are impressively large and easy to peel. It is warm/hot to taste and will store perfectly into Autumn.

    This premium fragrant hard neck certified organic variety has been grown on our farm since 2013.

    Storage: Keep it in a dry, well ventilated place as garlic does not like the damp.

    Depending on the season, this variety is usually available from November til April.
  • Ingredients: Organic Garlic, Sunshine, Lots of love and organically rich nutrients.
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Certified Organic Monaro Purple Garlic 1 kg

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We dispatch on Tuesday and Thursday each week.
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Returns and General Order considerations:
Please bare in mind that garlic does not like moisture or damp and it may affect shelf life. Please store in dry environment - do not refrigerate.