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  • A definite best seller and one of our personal favourites here at Fudge HQ! The delicate balance of ground nuts and smooth chocolate fudge encasing the whole and perfectly roasted Farm fresh Australian Hazelnuts is certainly one not to miss! Pop this one in your basket today!!

  • Ingredients: Made the traditional way how fudge should be using only the finest raw ingredients. Definitley NO powdered pre mixes here!

    Contains: Milk, butter, sugar, compound chocolate and Australian Hazelnuts.
  • Gluten Free

Chocolate & Roasted Hazelnut Fudge 115 g

$8.00 + $8.00 shipping
  • Minimum order of $28.00 (excluding shipping)

Delivery and Order Information

When do you deliver:
We make fresh each week and orders received prior to Mondays will be dispatched Wednesday
Shipping discount description:
Here at Fudge by rich we realize it is definitely too hard to choose between our delicious flavours and one bar is never enough.... so we are here to assist.

Order multiple bars and you will receive great shipping rates

1 - 6 Bars ships for $ 8.00
7 - 12 Bars ships for $ 12.00
13 - 24 Bars ships for $ 15.00

for orders greater than 24 bars shipping is FREE!!
Returns and General Order considerations:
Please note when making orders as we make fresh weekly all Divine Caramel based fudge attracts a 12 week useby and all other varieties 8 weeks.