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  • The most extraordinary dog food on the planet.
    Frontier Pet food is made using 100% ethically sourced ingredients.
    It's also freeze-dried - a process that extracts the water from the raw ingredients, but leaves the nutritional content completely intact. When you're ready to feed, just add warm water to the dry ingredients.
    It's exactly like feeding your pup a warm, raw, fresh meal every time, without any of the hassle.
    Gluten free, GMO free and extremely low in carbs, your dog will thrive.
    Frontier Pet food has been developed in conjunction with a leading animal nutritionist and vet.
    It really is as good as it gets.
  • Ingredients: Free-Range, grass fed Beef
    Free-Range, grass fed beef offal & tripe
    Free-Range, pasteurised eggs
    Organic Fruit & Vegetables
    Organic Linseed Meal
    Organic Almond Meal

Free-Range Beef dog food, freeze-dried. 1 kg pack. 1kg (makes 4 kgs)

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Delivery and Order Information

When do you deliver:
Products are despatched daily, 5 business days per week.
Returns and General Order considerations:
We will replace your order if your product has been delivered damaged. Please contact Frontier Pets directly at and we will resolve the issue straight away.
We do not accept returns for product that may not be palatable for your dog. If you are unsure whether your dog will take to the food, please purchase a trial pack - that will give you a great idea of food palatability and is very reasonably priced.