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  • This is our best selling chutney. Aromatic,spicy, chunky garlic and tomato pieces and full of flavour. Can be eaten with virtually anything. Our customers say our Kasaundi has just the right of amount of chilli so as not to overwhelm the other spices. We grow our own garlic for our Kasaundi.
    WARNING: If you only have one jar, kept it hidden as it will get eaten by the first person to try it.
    Contains tomatoes, garlic, vinegar, ginger, spices, sugar. The secret to this chutney tasting so good is that the spices are cooked off in oil before being added to the tomatoes.
  • Ingredients: tomatoes, garlic, vinegar, ginger, spices sugar oil

Kasaundi 340 g

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  • Minimum order of $30.00 (excluding shipping)

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