Eureka Farm
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Located on Tasmania's pristine East Coast we grow the fresh berries, stone fruits and apples/pears used to produce our jams/ chutneys and other fruity delectables. We started with traditional recipes more than 20 years ago and in many cases modified them to create a unique set of products which almost without exception win awards when we enter them in fine food competitions. The simplicity of our success is that we use our own fruits with natural ingredients to create rich and flavoursome products. All things said the customers must be right as they keep coming back for more ---- Lots of new products with many being available now in two size. The round jars hold about 300ml and jams and chutneys in this size have been on display for some time. We now have smaller pack sizes in hexagonal jars which hold 190ml. This is a good size for presents or if you just want to try a new product that you are unfamilar with. We have also simplified our shipping with it generally being at a fixed price regardless of quantity ordered.

Our motto is 'for all things fruity' and that's what we do. We grow the fruits and some of the other ingredients that go into our products. All our other ingredients are Australian sourced where possible.

We make no compromises in the preparation of our products. Often the amount of fruit used in the recipe has been modified so that you, the customer will immediately experience a flavour packed product.

As such, many of our products are produced on a seasonal basis which means that once the season is over and the products made have been sold then everyone has to wait for the following season.

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