Dubois Ginseng Products
Gembrook, VIC
Dubois Ginseng has been growing ginseng since 1994. We grow wild simulated AMERICAN GINSENG in Gembrook Victoria Australia and are foundation members of the Australian Ginseng Growers Association (AGGA). We sell only Ginseng Root that is at least 6 years old and we also have 7 and 8 year old Ginseng Roots. Our farm is all forest and approximately 15 hectares that have suitable shade to grow the Ginseng plant. Currently we have low stocks and are replanting to build this back up.  While restocking is in process we are supplementing our produce with high quality ginseng from Europe and Canada. All ginseng sold has been grown without chemicals and has been tested for purity and strength. We can offer you: Dried & Fresh Ginseng Root Ginseng Powder Ginseng Capsules Ginseng Ointment.
We have some imported Korean ginseng available for a short while and until stock run out are offering these at a discounted price.  Products included Korean Ginseng Ground root Powder, Capsules and Red Ginseng (shown to be effective for male sexual dysfunction).


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