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  • 290g Jar

    As the fruit used in this product is only the best, freshest fruit, stock may vary due to seasonal availability.

    The Dissegna family produces a range of superior quality extra virgin olive oils, dried prunes and Borlotti beans, they're grown to a highly sustainable level, incorporating biodynamic principles, resulting in fresher, richer flavours. Enhance the flavour of your table with our range of 100% Australian, Dissegna Premium Family Produce.

    We take pride in delivering superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and traditional home-style products. With fresher, richer flavours - from the unique fruity taste of our Olive Oil to our freshly made gourmet offerings, we are combining natural growing principles with cutting edge production.
  • Ingredients: Ingredients: Blood plums, water, Aussie sugar, pectin.

Home-made Jam - Blood Plum 290 g

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