Carbeen Pastured Produce
Manildra, NSW
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We produce pasture raised chickens, eggs and lamb on our holistically managed farm. All our produce is chemical free and grown using regenerative farming methods that enhance our soils and environment. The story of your pastured eggs& At  Carbeen our laying hens are the true multitasking animal. Our hens are housed in moveable trailers that hold their water, roost and nesting boxes. The chooks are moved every day, following in rotation behind our cattle and sheep. They act as our pasture sanitisers, cleaning up the insects and parasites from our sheep and cattle. They also leave their calling card as fertiliser, on which our pastures absolutely thrive. These eggs are truly divine; they have extraordinary high levels of vitamins and minerals from consistent access to fresh grass and bugs in the pasture. Our hens are fed grain to complement their grass and bug diet. They do not receive any antibiotics or pesticides. Our hens are the true free rangers once you see our happy healthy pastured hens you will agree that the egg industry s free range policies cannot compare. Pastured Poultry Chicken is back on the menu! Our latest venture, pastured poultry, are now available for sale. At  Carbeen our Chickens are delivered to us as day old chickens. They spend three weeks in the brooder in deep bedding litter, until they can regulate their own body temperature. The chickens are then moved out onto pasture in their mobile coop. The coop is moved onto fresh pasture everyday, ensuring our birds have access to fresh forage and that they are moved from their waste daily. Our birds are raised without the use of chemicals or antibiotics. The fresh pasture and sunlight make our birds nutritionally dense in vitamins and minerals. To ensure the welfare of our birds and to guarantee the quality of their meat we only produce birds seasonally when pasture growth is sufficient and the temperature is adequate for bird survival. We like to think that our chickens have a happy life and just have one really bad day. The benefits of this life on pasture is the tastiest and healthiest chicken for your family to eat. Our chickens are the true free rangers! Once you see our happy, healthy pastured chickens you will agree that the chicken industry s free range policies cannot compare.

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