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    Would you love to grow your own tea? Established tea plants are the perfect choice for growing your own tea, requiring less time and effort compared to propagating from seed or managing tea seedlings. ​You can now benefit from Bryn Hill's expertise by purchasing some already established, healthy tea plants. We have done all the hard work for you!

    Camellia sinensis is an amazingly versatile plant. LEAVES from this plant are used to make tea, one of the oldest and most popular beverages drunk around the world, with different processing methods producing a variety of teas eg. black, oolong, green and white.

    The beautiful FLOWERS from Camellia sinensis are abundant throughout Autumn and, when picked and dried, produce a delicious and healthy flower tea.

    Also, an incredibly healthy cooking and cosmetic oil (tea seed oil, not tea tree oil!) can be produced from the SEEDS of the Camellia sinensis plant.

    Camellia sinensis plants can be planted to form great hedges-evergreen, pretty flowers, any height and incredibly useful too. They also grow well in large pots or containers.


    These 3 tea plants (Camellia sinensis var. assamica) are grown on our Australian tea plantation in Tropical North Queensland.

    Each tea plant is at least 22cms high (including 12cm pot height) and at least 9 months old. They are grown from seed. Price includes three (3) tea plants with plant labels.

    The tea plants for sale are similar to the plants in the photos, however these images are only a guide as variations occur between plants.


    As soon as your tea plants arrive, water the pots then sit them in a shallow container of water for about 24 hours (sheltered with indirect sunlight) to recover from their trip.

    Remove pots from water and place in a sheltered area that receives dappled light or partial shade. DO NOT PLACE THE YOUNG TEA PLANTS IN FULL SUN!! They require dappled light or early morning sun for at least 12 months while their roots recover and develop.

    Do not worry if your tea plants drop some leaves. Tea plants are quite hardy and will soon recover and produce new leaves, especially during Spring.

    Leave your plants in their pots as their root system is still under-developed. After about 1-2 months, your tea seedlings plants can be re-potted. Place each tea plant in a suitably sized pot, remembering that tea plants eventually develop long tap roots. Fill each pot with Camellia potting mix (they like slightly acidic soil) and water well.

    Ensure your newly potted tea plants continue to receive only dappled light or early morning sun.

    Camellia sinensis plants can be successfully grown in large containers as small shrubs (they require at least 6 hours of sunlight a day when mature and protection from frost), or eventually transplanted out into the garden and either kept as a shrub or grown into a tree.

    DO NOT ALLOW THE SOIL TO DRY OUT!! The tea plants must be kept constantly moist for several months while their roots develop, but the soil must be well drained.

    Remember that tea plants naturally grow under the canopy of parent tea plants in dappled or minimum light, sheltered from wind, in slightly acidic soil with a heavy layer of leaf mulch and constantly damp soil.

    Your tea plants should be fine to transplant into the garden (if desired) after they are at least 50cm tall (excluding root ball), when their roots and vascular system are more developed. They must still be kept moist. Avoid transplanting in summer as even with mulch, it is hard to keep the tea plants moist while they recover.

  • Ingredients: Australian tea plants (Camellia sinensis var. assamica)

Australian Tea Plants x 3 (Camellia sinensis) 3 pieces

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Delivery and Order Information

We CANNOT DELIVER to Tasmania, Norfolk Island or Western Australia as these states have strict quarantine control on the movement of live plants into these states. Due to our organic farming practices, we will not treat our tea plants with the required insecticides and fungicides, and are therefore unable to supply the necessary quarantine clearance certificates for these states.
When do you deliver:
Tea plants are only posted on Mondays, using Express Post, to reduce delays in transit time over weekends.
Returns and General Order considerations:
We aim to provide you with the highest quality Camellia sinensis products. We package our products very carefully however, if your order arrives damaged, please contact us.