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BACK IN BUSINESS. Apologies for the delay in supplying potatoes this season. Weather and workload have put us under pressure.

We expect to have all varieties available in time and maybe a couple of extras, but as of now we have available Nicola, Dutch Cream, Blue Moon and Innovator,plus Kipfler and Pink Fir Apple. The one kilo packs have been discontinued due to the high unit price and time involved. Please keep in mind that while the weather is hot and the spuds very “new” it is generally safer to order smaller lots more often. Three weeks of shelf life at least should be okay, with the potatoes kept cool and totally dark.

As always, we stand behind the product and will happily replace potatoes that don’t meet expectations.

The Jones family have been growing potatoes in Warragul in West Gippsland for four generations. We grow certified seed potatoes and high quality table potatoes of varieties specifically for farmers' market customers. Our specialty is Nicola although King Edward is making a strong challenge for popularity and the traditional white fleshed varieties are still in demand.

The farm is managed according to biological principles. This means we work with the natural defences already in place in the soil to control pests and diseases. We have full HACCP accreditation.

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Store Policy

Orders are filled ASAP. Occasionally a time lag of a few days will occur when the potatoes need to be dug, cleaned, packed and posted after the order arrives and particularly when the weather is bad. Thanks for your patience.
When you buy Jones Potatoes in bulk you can save substantially on shipping:
1kg = $8.85 Shipping
2kg - 4 kg = $13.95 Shipping
5kg - 10 kg = $18.05 Shipping
11kg = $26.90 Shipping
12kg = $32.00 Shipping
Regret, not available in WA and Tasmania
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