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It started in the rugged alpine area in the northern part of Switzerland. My wife Yvonne and I were on one of these many hikes we enjoyed in our life together in the beautiful mountains of the “Glarnerland” home to the unique Sap Sago cheese. On the way up to Vrenelis Gaertli, a superb mountain well known for its great panoramic views, we stopped at a rustic alpine hut where a cheese maker stayed over summer with his family and a few cows. As a tradition, these farmers and cheese makers let their cows graze the best juicy alpine herbs and grass between June and September and turn this precious milk into some of the world’s best cheese Switzerland is so proud of.

We spent the night in the hut and shared a great cheese platter, some Swiss dry meat and a few glasses of wine with the cheese maker and his family. A passionate discussion started between our two families about the mountains, our family ties in Australia and the great and simple life and food in the alps. The friendliness of our host, the exceptional cheese and the romantic atmosphere in the hut must have ignited our imagination and nurtured a wild dream. Fromart® (from the French word fromage and art) Swiss style cheese on the other side of the world was born!

Cheese is a natural product. At Fromart® we create and mature an authentic range of high quality handcrafted Swiss cheese using centuries old traditional methods developed by Swiss cheese makers over many generations. Why do we bother with such a hands on, physical and labour intensive enterprise today, when most of the cheeses on supermarket shelves are mass produced and not properly matured? The answer is simple. We believe that cheeses made according to traditional methods are the real deal. We want to create and offer you a product that is as close to nature as possible!

At Fromart® we love cheese every day. We look after hundreds of slowly maturing wheels in our cellar room each day and we only sell what we think represents the highest standards of cheese making we are used in Switzerland. Our business is a family business, and we all share passion, respect, and love for mouth-watering cheese creations that will excite your palate. We hope you will join us on our Alpine culinary journey! ENJOY!

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