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Bunbartha Beef Murray, VIC

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Bunbartha Beef
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Our Beef is available for melbourne metro deliveries once again.
Bunbartha Beef is a family owned and operated farm. Our farms are spread out over almost 1000 acres of fertile soil in the Golbourn valley region in North East Victoria. Our farm Arnwood has been in the family since 1872.

At Bunbartha Beef we take a great deal of pride in ensuring our cattle are well cared for from start to finish. All of our cattle are grass fed and supplemented with hay that is grown by us on our farms. So we have total control over the quality of feed that they are being fed at all times. Cattle are checked a minimum of twice daily and are free to move over large paddocks in mobs with plenty of trees for scratching on and using as shelter.

Cattle are hand selected by us, and we transport our own cattle direct to the abbatoirs, with cattle that they are familiar with. Our cattle are yarded by us, we do not use dogs when handling our cattle to ensure the entire process is low stress for our cattle.

When selecting cattle because we run a large number of cattle at anyone time, we are in the fortunate position of being able to select only the very best animals for use through Bunbartha Beef. After the cattle have been processed at the abbatoirs they head to our local butcher shop. Here the carcase dry ages and then our experienced butcher breaks down our beef to meet our customers requirements.

We do not use hormone growth promotants on any of our cattle, none of our cattle are fed grain at any stage and our beef is is guaranteed free of antibiotics.

We are also proud to offer a range of preserves, jams and sauces and a limited amount of produce straight from the 'farmers larder'. We have a large vegetable garden and a varied orchard full of heirloom mulberries, peaches, apricots, plums, apples, cherries,nuts and citrus.

Our jams and preserves are handmade by Kelly in our council approved kitchen. We keep each batch of preserves to a small number of jars to ensure we are able to control the quality of what is being produced.

You can find us at the Mooroopna Farmers Market (3rd Sunday each month). Girgarre Market (2nd Sunday of each month). We have a store on our farm in the 'old dairy' and it is open from 2-5 every Saturday, we welcome visitors to our farm, and are happy to show people around.

For regular news updates follow us on facebook look for bunbartha beef.

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Store Policy

Order multiple items to save on postage. Our postage rates are as follows: 1-3 jars ship for $6.50, 4-7 jars ship for $11.50 and 8-12 jars ship for $13.50.


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